Thursday, February 1, 2007

Interesting Day

Well today was an interesting day here. I got up and got the kids up to get them ready for school. J. was being pretty pokey, so they just about missed the bus. They made it though. In spite of the winter storm warning, the bus ran on time, and they went to school as usual. They left at about 0710 this morning, and the snow started about 0730. No, it wasn't a lot of snow, but still a big deal for this part of the country. Angie, thanks for sending the snow this way just as I requested!
Thumbs Up

So, as I said, all the surrounding counties had changed their schedules. One county that I know of delayed schools by two hours. A couple of other counties closed schools for the entire day. Even Fort Bragg closed schools for the day. It has always been my experience that the Military Installations take their cues from the county where they are located. Not so in this case. Fort Brat is in the county where my kids go to school. About 0830 my husband got a call from his secretary. She had talked to the county board and they were in a meeting trying to determine what they were going to do. She made the decision to go ahead and pick her kids up, because we were all pretty sure they were going to send the kids home early. They didn't. I kind of suspected that because the kids were already at school and the temperature was supposed to go up, meaning the freezing rain was supposed to change to just good old rain. The temps never did rise as much as they were expected to. Although I was a bit surprised that the schools decided not to send the kids home, I was kind of glad too. After all, that would have been a snow day they would have had to make up later. My father-in-law called and asked how we were affected this morning, and said, "I guess this is nothing to you all." I told him, "Nope. We could have had 6 feet of snow on the ground in Germany and the kids would still be in school on their normal schedule." I know I'm back in the south, but I was pleasantly surprised when watching the news this morning that they seem to be a bit better equipped for the winter weather than they were when I was a kid. They actually sprayed the roads with a salt brine mixture this morning before the snow ever started to keep it from sticking to the roads, so that it would be easier for the plows to clear later. I was pleasantly surprised at the changes in preparations over the years.

My kids came home from school and J. told me that it was a "miracle" because it snowed today. A.'s teacher let them play in the snow and throw snowballs at her. Sweet lady! By the time they got home, though, there was nothing left of it. They asked to go back to Germany last week so they could play in the snow again.