Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last Game

Today was J.'s last basketball game. They lost again, and lost BAD. I think the final score was 33-3. J. scored two of those points. He was so proud of himself, and we were proud of him, and so happy for him. He made a basket during the game! What a confidence booster! He played really well today, in just about all respects. He was focused and aggressive. He remembed what I told him Wednesday night about his defense.

Wednesday night I was talking with one of the dads. We were talking about some of the different teams. He was telling me how he thought they were supposed to divide the teams up to try to make sure that each team had kids of all skill levels. But some of these teams played like they'd been playing together for quite some time. Unlike our team, where you could tell this was their first season playing together. He figures that the "regular" coaches pick and choose their teams based on who was on their team in the past. Makes sense to me, considering the fact that we spent a couple of weeks wondering if we were even going to have a team until one of the dads stepped up. P. would have loved to do it, but his schedule simply doesn't allow it. It certainly makes for an unfair advantage though. Oh long as the kids have fun, that's the most important thing.

The kids were VERY chatty today. I don't think we had a single quiet moment all day. Even when we tried to shoosh them for a minute so we could finish a sentence, it didn't last. Between the talking, singing, and humming, there were a couple of times when it got to be a bit much. I couldn't help but giggle at them a few times, though, and someone actually commented, saying, "well at least you're laughing." My response...they're really great kids. We have our moments, as do all parents and kids, but I'm reminded at just the right moment sometimes just what great kids they are (like at lunch out today). We typically let them stay up late on the weekends, so we just put them to bed about a half hour ago. P. and I haven't talked much since then...we're enjoying our quiet time and the chance to finish watching a movie in peace.

Speaking of movies, we tried to go see "Ghost Rider" this afternoon, but the tickets sold out while we were standing in line. Bummer.