Friday, February 23, 2007


Well I think I'm finished with my job now. I've been working practically non-stop this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday, to get my last audit done. I finally finished it and got it sent in this morning, thank goodness. It was later than I had hoped, but it took longer than I expected. Oh least I'm finished. I'm so glad to be done with them it's not even funny.

Things seem to be moving along quite smoothly with the house. P. and I have been pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it's gone to this point. I got a call from our mortgage specialist yesterday morning. When we applied for the mortgage she had quoted us two different interest rates. One would be the rate if we closed in 30 days and the other was for 60 days. Our closing date is just outside the 30-day timeframe, so we were hoping we could get locked in at the 30-day rate. So she called me yesterday to let me know that we had, indeed, gotten locked in at the lower rate. So I called P., who is in SC for a few days, and let him know. We're both really happy about it. So the house is under contract, so I guess at this point we just have to wait. I'm not sure what all is involved in the process for us between now and closing since we've never bought a home before, but I don't think there's much that we have to do.

Here's a picture of the house. I took it with my camera phone Wednesday, so the quality isn't that great, but it's definitely good enough...just a little blurry. Hope everyone has a great weekend!