Friday, February 23, 2007

Fighting Kids...


My kids have been fighting almost since the moment they walked in from school this afternoon. I briefly mentioned my need for a nap earlier. Between my final exam for my class that I had to turn in Monday and the hours I've been working to finish my job, I've been up really late every night this week. So this afternoon, I finally had to lie down to try to get some rest.

I was lying down when the kids got home from school this afternoon. They were fighting when they walked in the door. I finally got them to calm down long enough to go upstairs. I tried to explain to them that I had a bad headache and needed to get some rest. It apparently didn't sink in. They went upstairs and continued the arguing and yelling. So I separated them and told them to leave each other alone for a while. Then A started banging things around in her room. I called them downstairs and talked to them. A said I was mean because I told her that since she wanted to make as much noise as possible I was going to do the same next time they didn't feel good. Harsh? Maybe. But maybe it will teach them to think about the feelings of others.

My mom and her boyfriend came over tonight to pick up her vacuum cleaner. We had borrowed it when we moved in this house before our household goods got here and haven't taken the time to take it back to her house. She's trying to sell her house and needs to get some cleaning done so the agent can come over and take some photos of her house for the listing. I still had a bit of a headache, but it's always good to see them. Maybe they'll have a bit of time this weekend so I can call our agent to show them the new house. Maybe this time I'll remember the camera so I can take photos of the rest of the house.

The kids have still been fighting off and on this evening. They've calmed down a bit now though. I think it's about time to put them to bed. We usually let them stay up late on the weekends, but it's pretty late now. Maybe they'll let me sleep in a little in the morning.