Thursday, February 8, 2007

Are You Kidding?

OK, so the husband and I like keeping a well-stocked liquor cabinet. We enjoy entertaining, and we like being able to mix the drinks for our guests that they enjoy. He built a bar while we were in Germany, and we always kept it well stocked. I bought him a Bartending book too. So he'd look up recipes (and mark the ones we and our friends liked) so he'd know what kinds of things we needed to keep on hand.

Well, when we left Germany we had to get rid of quite a bit of stuff. The movers aren't supposed to ship liquor. Most of it we used up before it came time to move. Like I said...we enjoy entertaining and for the last few weeks before the movers came, we constantly had friends over. So ever since we got here, we've been needing to restock, but have found it challenging to do so. Time, cost, etc.

The hubby went to the ABC store tonight, and the timing was right. He was after a couple of things specifically (his favorite Scotch, our friend Jack), and I told him to go ahead and pick up a couple of other things that he knew we needed. I like to have a Martini sometimes, and I LOVE, LOVE Margaritas! So when he got back, he came in with a box of stuff. I didn't think much of it...I figured they just packed it in a box to make it easier for him.

While I was writing my last post, he pulls out this piece of paper. From a distance it looked like something from the school. He said, "I had to get a transportation permit from the liquor store." I nearly rolled off the couch from laughing so hard! Surely he was kidding. He brought me the paper and I just laughed harder! He had to get a "Special Occasion Storage and Transportation Permit" because he bought "Spirituous Liquor" over 8 liters. He said he told the lady that if he'd known that he would have gotten a shopping cart full. She asked him if he wanted to go back and get more!

I told him, "you know I have to blog about this right?" I usually warn him before blogging about something that pertains directly to him. He said, "I don't care." I said, "I'm glad, because this is totally blog-worthy!" I'm addicted!

It just cracks me up because we never had to think about these things in Germany. I wonder if it's because we were buying from the Class Six or because we were in Germany. Maybe next time we need to buy several different things we'll have to go to the Class Six to test my theory. Oh, the things we in the military take for granted sometimes!