Tuesday, February 13, 2007


When I checked tomorrow's weather forecast earlier today, it said it was supposed to be in the mid-50s and cloudy. I was really hoping to ride a little tomorrow while the kids were in school. It's been raining off and on all day today, but was supposed to slow down tonight. I'm sitting here listening to wind gusts and rain beating down on the house (which is really quite relaxing), so I checked the forecast again. Now they're calling for showers and wind with a high of 55. Darn it! I don't mind some wind, but I'm not gonna ride in the rain. I'm a fair weather rider, at least until I get more experience.

But on a happier note:

My kids just crack me up sometimes. I talked a few days ago about having to talk to our P.A. about J.'s medication. His appointment was this afternoon. The best thing about it is that my mom and my sister work at the clinic where we get our medical treatment. My dad was the P.A. there when he was alive. So when we go see our P.A., I get to spend a little time with my family too.

I was sitting there talking to my sister and teasing her between phone calls and other things she had to do. All of a sudden I hear an ear-piercing squeal. I get all prepared to yell at my daughter for screaming in this place of business, but then I hear my mom laughing. So I peek around the corner to see what's going on. I see A. on the floor and my mom has her by the ankles. My mom is laughing so hard she's about to cry. A. was "prissing down the hall" (my mom's words, and I know it's true...my girl is a real priss), and I reached out and grabbed her. My mom scared the bejeebers out of A. So I told Mom...you got her riled up, you deal with her...lol! She got her calmed down and she was quiet again.

So we saw our P.A., he listened to me and we increased J.'s dose to the next strength. We also both agree that J. isn't really true ADHD (he doesn't really have the hyperactivity piece), but he is definitely ADD (definitely has an attention problem). I really struggled with changing his dosage, as I always have before where this is concerned, but I want him to succeed. He's so smart, and I don't want this attention problem he has to keep him from succeeding and doing as well as he can. I really like having a healthcare provider that really listens to us.

As we were leaving, my mom gave each of the kids $10 to spend on what they wanted to get for their class for Valentine's Day. They both were very specific -- they wanted to do cards for each child, and wanted to include a lollipop with the cards. They were just tickled about having money to spend themselves. My prissy girl grabbed the money from my mom and RAN!! I know my jaw just dropped. In all fairness to her, though, she was just running back to give my sister bye kisses and hugs and get something she had left there. It was pretty funny though. She told my mom thank you when reminded, and we left.

So we went to Wally-World to get the Valentine goodies. Boy was I in for a rude awakening here! Another example of having been gone too long. I couldn't even maneuver down the aisles where the cards and such were. Yeah, my own fault for procrastinating, but it's what I do best. Then we picked up dinner on our way home. After dinner, I made J. redo his sloppy homework before I would let him work on his Valentines for his class. He has a tendency to rush through things to get done quickly and move on to what he would rather be doing. Sloppiness is not acceptable, though, so I was mean and made him redo it. I'm hoping that after a couple of times of having to start all over he'll get a clue and do it right the first time.

We had the best time getting their Valentines ready for their classmates. I got so tickled at the differences in my kids though. A. was very careful about trying to pick the right Valentine to give each of her classmates. She had Care Bear Valentines and there were probably about 8 different phrases. So she's like, "J. likes pink, so let's give her the Pink Bear. Oh, and T. likes sunny days so let's give him the one that says 'I wish you a sunny day' because he'll get to play outside. And R. likes wishes, so let's give him the one about making a wish." I got so tickled at her logic. J. was much less particular. He had Spider Man Valentines. They had shiny accents, and half of them had red backgrounds while the rest had purple ones. The boys got the Valetines with the red backgrounds and the girls got purple. Heck with what they said. They also kind of tickled me about the things they said about some of their classmates, although I reminded them to be nice. A. said, "so-and-so's weird because he picks his nose in class; he should use a tissue." As we're going down the list of names, I asked J. whether one of them was a girl or a boy (this was after I had figured out his pattern of red-purple). He said, "well, he usually ACTS like a girl." I looked over at his dad, who is chuckling "THAT was funny," he said. So again, I'm stressing not to say things like this at school because their friends' feelings might be hurt. These kids...you just never know what they're going to say! I love them like crazy, and we had such a good time tonight. It's going to be nice when I'm not working anymore and have more time to spend with them.

So this post started as a vent but ended with a smile. Can't get much better than that!