Saturday, February 3, 2007

Youth Sports

Why is it that some parents and coaches completely lose sight of the fact that youth sports are supposed to be FUN for the kids?

J. had another basketball game today. I had seen the coach of the team our kids played today in acction before and was thankful that J. wasn't on his team. This guy is way too serious to be coaching basketball for 7- and 8-year-olds. This guy is teaching the kids on his team to play dirty. I mean really dirty. Those kids took every chance they had to push our kids or otherwise foul them. Yes, usually the referees would call a foul on the other team, but usually what happened is we ended up with the ball again. I watched the kids on the other team literally THROW themselves to the floor when our kids played tough defense. One kid, who was bigger than any of the kids on either team, threw himself to the floor when one of our kiddos reached in to try to steal the ball. Are you KIDDING me?? Now mind you, I don't know all the rules regarding what calls constitute a free throw versus possession of the ball. But I do know that some of the calls that were made against the other team resulted in possession for us, where the same calls against us resulted in the other team getting to shoot free throws. OH! And one of the kids on the other team KICKED one of our kids when they were lining up getting ready to start a new period. The assistant coach came over and CONGRATULATED him! What the heck is up with that?? One of the times that our team fouled the other team, the assistant coach had the nerve to come out and reprimand her for it. I'm still not sure why the referees put up with some of that crap.

Our kids lost today. So now they're 1 and 4. But you know, at least they played fair. I'm so glad that our kids are on a team with a coach that is dedicated to teaching them the fundamentals of the game and making sure they have fun. I just hate to see my little man so discouraged every time they lose, especially when they probably could have won this game if the other team had played fairly. The score was 12-6, which all things considered, was pretty good. Our kids really hung in there to the end, and we were all so proud. Some of the parents were just as bad as the coaches, and actually started running their mouths to a couple of our parents. I just don't understand it. These kids are supposed to be having FUN! I plan on finding out the name of the coach of that other team so that I can make sure that I request that J. NEVER be assigned to a team that he is coaching.