Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of Those Days...

First of all...I LOVE my kids. I love them with all my heart and with everything I am.

That being said, when they make me angry...they REALLY make me angry. I'm not always so quick-tempered. I guess I just get overwhelmed sometimes...and today was one of those days.

First I got an email from one of my son's teachers about his grades in one of his classes. Not really a surprise, because it's typical for him. Laziness throughout the grading period, then hustle at the end and scrape by. He's my social butterfly, and school just has never been the priority for him that it should be. It's FRUSTRATING for me, but I accept him for who he is...but I won't accept failure. He's too smart for that.

Second, they got home from school today and started arguing and sniping as soon as they were in the same room together. I was trying to work, and the constant arguing and sniping was distracting, to say the least. Strike two.

Finally, the third and final strike...I got a call from the high school that the boy has detention Thursday for tardies.While I think detention is probably sort of extreme, considering they're almost three-quarters through the school year and he has a total of three...I also kinda almost get it. Almost. Kinda. But I was pretty much at the end of my rope for the day, so completely lost my patience. I hate when I do that, but I'm only human.

But at the end of the day...I LOVE my kids. With everything that I am. And yes...I remind them of that, even when they piss me off.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Say What???

So the hubby is going through a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB). He had a stimulator implanted in his spine when we were stationed at Fort Knox, a little over three years ago now. It seems he should have had to go through an MEB then, but somehow that ball got dropped at every post we've been at over that time period. Wonderful system we have here.

As part of the MEB process, he's having to see different providers in different specialties to evaluate his different complaints to send to the VA to determine his disability rating for benefits after the Army. This is the part that has had me the most concerned. I just want him to be able to be taken care of, since the Army is the reason he has the issues he has.

My gripe today? While I'm really happy they're going through the process to evaluate his issues to make sure he gets the care he needs, I really wish that they could find a way to utilize providers more local to us for some of the specialty services. Today we drove to Jacksonville, FL to see a specialist, when I know for a fact that there are doctors in the Savannah area who practice the same specialty. While normally it wouldn't bother me, I think it's rather ridiculous to make a 4-hour round trip for an appointment that lasted about 15 minutes. Yep...four hours for 15 minutes!

Don't get me wrong...the doctor was just as sweet as he could be, but the situation annoys me.

Monday, November 18, 2013


I swear sometimes I think change defines my life. Whether it's family changes, change of scenery (moving or travel of some sort), job changes, etc. Some changes are exactly what one or more members of the family needs, some are good for me, and some are...meh.

There may be more changes coming. NO we're NOT moving...THANK GOODNESS!! I've had enough of that particular change to last me for a long time. Now it will remain to be seen what effect the changes will have. Hopefully it'll be better than...meh.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


So we find out this weekend that apparently a set of our neighbors is leaving. To say there's no love lost between them and us would be a major understatement. The hubby told me he saw two moving vans there Friday, then we found out that they rehomed one of their dogs to somebody else in the neighborhood.

Just to give a couple of examples of why there's no love lost...my husband started one of the motorcycles in the driveway one afternoon, around 4 pm. Mind you, they also have Harleys, so the noise should really be no issue. The wife came and told my husband that she had woken the baby from its nap. I don't mean to sound bitchy, but we're not friends so have no idea what the baby's schedule is like. Plus, it was at 4 in the afternoon, not at some unreasonable hour. I'm sorry, but my life doesn't revolve around you and your baby's schedule. I never would have done that when my kids were babies. She has also, from my conversations with other neighbors, grabbed another man's arm as he rode by their house...on his MOTORCYCLE!! So incredibly dangerous!

At this point, I hope they really are moving out, and I really hope we get good neighbors to replace them. Maybe they'll like Scentsy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm frustrated. I'm almost always frustrated. I love my husband with all my heart and do my best to stay patient, but am frustrated. 

This may sound incredibly selfish, but there is so much that I miss from our early life together. We used to do so much together. Danced, golfed, rode horses, and a number of other things. But thanks to his years in the Army and crap that goes along with that, there are days when just getting out of bed is an accomplishment, much less any other fun activities. 

He's too young for this crap, and so am I.