Monday, February 12, 2007

Silly Hubby

Something else funny that I hadn't gotten around to writing about...

I've talked already about going to spend the afternoon with the in-laws yesterday. We had talked to the hubby's brother about our frustrations with hanging things on the walls in this house because of the fact that there aren't as many studs in the walls as there should be. Well, P.'s brother had gotten a great deal on some "stud finders" and bought almost a hundred of them a few months ago. He gave my hubby a couple of them yesterday. P. picked one up, saw "stud finder" on the package, and passed it back and forth in front of himself, saying "beep, beep, beep!"


The funniest thing though was when his brother's wife busted him out big time. What made it so funny is that she's really quiet compared to the rest of us...and I thought *I* was quiet, which I really kind of am compared to them. She looked at my hubby and said she held hers up to J. and it didn't go off. There were 7 adults sitting around the table, and we all just LOST it!

Yep, we quiet ones are the ones you gotta watch out for!