Friday, February 23, 2007

Wireless Mouse

I have a wireless mouse for my laptop that I bought a few months ago. I don't use it all the time...I have gotten used to the touch pad, but have noticed my wrists bothering me a little lately. So I figured maybe it's partially because of the laptop's mouse pad. So this morning I pulled my little wireless mouse out of the drawer. It's really cute...very compact. It has a USB stick that is stored in the bottom of the mouse when it's not in use. I plugged it into one of my USB ports and was using it this morning as I finished my work.

I was sitting here on the couch tonight catching up on my friends' blogs that I haven't read in the last couple of days. I had left my mouse on the arm of the chair where I was sitting earlier today before I had to take a nap because of my sleep deprivation headache. So as I'm sitting here reading, the cursor starts moving around my screen, although I knew I wasn't moving it. I happen to look over and J was sitting in the chair playing with my mouse. So I made him give it to me and told him that he "freaked Mommy out" because I didn't know why my mouse pointer was darting across the computer screen the way it was. He thought that was pretty funny and giggled about it before he decided to go upstairs and play for a while.

Silly kids...