Sunday, April 22, 2007

So Cute

You know what? I don't think there's much cuter than a kid missing her two front teeth. The Princess lost her second one today. Remember my entry about a week and a half ago about her asking her daddy to yank out her tooth? Well, she had been waiting patiently for her other front tooth to be ready and asked her daddy to pull it out today. I'm glad. She was missing one of them, but to me there's just something unbelievably cute about both front teeth being gone. And I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lisp. The hubby has really been teasing her about's irresistible. And she's actually been a good sport about it, which is kind of a surprise since she hates being laughed at. I think she's finally figuring out that we're not laughing at her, really, we just think she's soooo cute!

Oh, and the tiara? It's one of my sister's. She had a couple from when she was the Little Miss beauty pageant winner (I can't remember exactly which years), and I had one from when I was 2nd Runner-Up in the beauty pageant my Junior year. They didn't usually do tiaras for the First- and Second-Runners Up, but that was the last year that particular school existed as a high school, so they did more than usual. But my one of my sister's tiaras had "danglies" and that was the one that A loved, so my sis let her have it. That just made A's day.

We were going through our old books yesterday, too, and my sister and I loved the Sweet Valley books (Sweet Valley Twins for the middle-school-aged, and Sweet Valley High for the high-school-aged), and K gave A all her Sweet Valley Twins books. Yes, A is just in first grade, but she's at a much higher reading level, so she's on about chapter 6 or 7 of her first Sweet Valley Twins book. She was so proud to get some "big girl books." And she was really excited that one of the characters had the same last name she does. She asked me if I had read those books when I was a kid, and I had to remind her that when I was a kid my last name was different, so I didn't share a name with any of the book's characters. She thought it was really cool though.

I'll tell you later why she was grounded since Wednesday afternoon. She's back to normal schedule and privileges starting tomorrow though.

Enough procrastinating - back to homework for me...