Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy, Busy Day

The hubby plans to take Thursdays and Fridays off for the next few weeks (when he can) so that we can get our moving done. He wasn't able to take last Thursday and Friday off because his 1SG was on leave. After all, at least one or the other of them needs to be available.

So we spent most of the day trying to get some stuff moved to the new house. We didn't get started as early as we had hoped. I got up with the kids and got them off to school this morning. I knew the hubby needed to rest for a little while...he hasn't been sleeping very well the past few nights. Well, he hasn't really slept well in a couple of years, but the past couple of nights were worse than usual. So I thought I'd rest on the couch for a little while after the kids left since he was still in the bed.

The kids get on the school bus about 7:15 in the mornings. So I came back in and laid back on the couch with my pillow. About 7:30, just as I was starting to doze off, the hubby's government cell phone rang. I swear, that thing is the bane of my existence. I cringe and grit my teeth every time I hear it ring. So I couldn't just ignore it. I thought about grabbing it and taking it up to the hubby, but noticed that it was a friend of ours. So I answered it and talked to him for a few minutes, and he mentioned that he may come over a little later. OK, no problem. Just call me because we're going to be getting some moving done...that way I can let you know where we are and give you directions to the new house if need be. So after I talked to him, I got up and made a pot of coffe, sat down and checked my email and checked blogs. Then I decided to try to rest for a little bit. Just as I started dozing off again, the home phone rang. Dammit! This was about 8:30. It was the same friend who had called earlier. He was calling to see if it was ok if he were to stop by within the next half hour. Sure, no problem. So I went up, got the hubby out of the bed, and got dressed myself. Then I got my cup of coffee and started getting my makeup on (there is a very limited number of people who see me without my makeup). Just as I was finishing up with that, he arrived, and we visited with him for a while. He's the same friend that's helping P get his motorcycle fixed up. Plus, we just enjoy his company, so we always look forward to his visits.

After he left, we decided to try to get some stuff moved over to the new house. Our goal is to be staying over there by this weekend. That doesn't mean we'll be completely moved in, but we'll have what we need to sleep comfortably and at least basic living necessities. We knew the kids' rooms were going to be moved before we got our bedroom furniture moved, and I remembered that we still hadn't put the kids' wall borders up yet. So I suggested we go over and try to get that done before we moved their bedrooms over.

So we went over and got to work on that. A's wallpaper border was self-adhesive. Peel-and-stick. When I ordered J's, I honestly thought his was the same way. I need to go back and see if the product description specified. So we followed the instructions to put those borders up, and it was such a pain in the rearend! And then when we finally got it up, one of the borders started falling off one wall, and looked like it was going to fall off another. We tried to put the part that had fallen back up again before going into A's room to put her border up. I checked on J's a couple of times during the time we were finishing A's, and it looked like it was going to stay. But after we finished the girl's room, we walked back over to the boy's, and the same border had fallen again. So we ended up just taking it down and decided to go see what kind of self-adhesive borders Wal-mart had. It was a section of the American Chopper one that kept falling. This really bothered me because J had his heart set on that border, and it looked so nice when it was up.

So we went over to Wal-mart and found a Nascar border that was really nice. When the kids got home from school, we had them do their homework and then clean up their rooms and the bonus room (their mess) while we were loading their bedroom furniture up into the truck. Since we had finished the border in A's room, we took her furniture over first. After we unloaded her furniture and put it in her bedroom, we put up the new border that we bought at Wal-mart for his room today. We did manage to leave part of the American Chopper border up in his room. There was one section of wall where it seemed to be staying up without problems. So for now, we're leaving it alone. That way he does have some motorcycles in his room, too. That made him happy. Then we went back to the rental house and loaded his furniture up and took it over to the new house. With his yellow walls and red furniture, with the borders, it looks so nice. I'm just so proud of the decisions he made on how to decorate his room.

Tonight they're sleeping on their mattresses which are laid on the floor. At least they're not sleeping on the floor. We've done that quite a bit in the past between houses, or when we moved into a new house before our belongings arrived. J said he didn't know if he'd be able to be comfortable without his bed. I reminded him that at least he's sleeping on his mattress instead of just on the floor. They're so spoiled! :-)

We went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight, and then went back to the new house for a couple of things. P has to fix A's bed. She has a poster bed and shortly after we bought it, she managed to strip the upper portions of her posts by swinging on them. There's also another broken spot on her footboard, and I can't for the life of me figure out where that one came from. So the hubby has to fix that, and remembered after taking all the pieces for the bed over to the new house while his wood glue and clamps are still here at the old one. Also, the kids have picture day tomorrow (I guess they're having Spring pictures made). So since we had taken their furniture over and had left their clothes in their dresser drawers, we picked up something for them to wear for their pictures while the hubby was getting together the things he needed.

When we came downstairs, I had turned all the lights off upstairs, and the lights downstairs were still off, so the house was pretty much completely dark. I came downstairs, the girl was behind me, and the boy was bringing up the rear. I came into the kitchen and asked the hubby if he was ready to go. He didn't respond. Right about that time, A came into the kitchen, and J was right behind her. P jumped out at them making spooky sounds. A screamed and hit the floor. J was still in the hallway, but threw himself to the floor anyway. I busted out laughing (probably cackling, and the kids both started giggling. They love it when somebody scares them. I guess it's the adrenaline rush. So we were giggling the whole way home, and the kids took turns trying to scare each other, unsuccessfully.

I kept forgetting to take my camera over to the new house to take pictures of the kids' rooms after we got the borders up. I'll try to remember it tomorrow, so then I can even get pictures of the kids' rooms with the majority of their furniture in them.