Sunday, April 1, 2007

Good Day

I feel like we got a lot accomplished today, and it feels GOOD! The morning started off slow. We're out of coffee, which is a problem I'm going to have to solve ASAP! I've been putting off going to the grocery store, but I don't think I can put it off any longer...gonna have to go tomorrow. So I puttered around on the computer a bit while I woke up, and then I did some schoolwork. I'm still terribly behind, but there's still tomorrow.

The hubby asked me what I wanted to try to get done today. I wanted to try to go over and get as much cleaning done as I could so we could start moving things over. There was still construction dust in the cabinets and on the floors, so we weren't about to start taking dishes and things over until we got that taken care of. The hubby needed some concrete mix so he could install the new mailbox we got the other day. Yeah, he technically could have just buried it in the ground and it would probably have been ok, but he wanted to put the concrete in to make sure it was good and stable. So we headed over to Home Depot before we went to the new house. We decided while we were there to check what they had in the Garden Center. Box holly bushes were planted along the front of the house when it was built, but we wanted some color in front of the house. P wanted to take the holly bushes up and transplant them before they had a chance to develop their roots, and we wanted to replace them with azaleas. So we went ahead and bought enough azaleas to replace the holly bushes that were in front of the house. P moved them around to the sides. We got pink ones and red ones. They're going to be so pretty once they grow some. There are lots of other plants and trees we want to put out, but the azaleas were one of the first things we needed to take care of since we had to transplant what was already there.

After Home Depot, we went and had some lunch, and then headed over to the new house. P had loaded the kids' scooters in the car so they'd have something to do while we were working. J grabbed his football, too, so he and A could throw it back and forth. And I got the stereo that P got me for Christmas that plays my iPod. I clean much better and stay motivated if I have good music. And I have a wide variety of music on my iPod. So we got to the new house, unloaded the car, and P went to work outside and I went to work inside. And the kids went to work at playing hard.

I managed to get the entire downstairs cleaned this afternoon. I was amazed at how gross the floors were. I don't know why, but I was. They didn't look that dirty, but when I looked at my mop pad when I was finished mopping, it was really gross! Maybe I'll go over the downstairs floors one more time tomorrow. The kitchen took me the longest, of course. I had to clean all the counters and wipe out all the cabinets and drawers before I ever got around to the floor. And some of the cabinets hadn't even had the sawdust and stuff cleaned out yet, so I had to take the vacuum cleaner to them before I wiped them out. Once I got the kitchen done, though, the rest didn't take me very long. And I felt good after I got it all done. The upstairs shouldn't take me long at all. After all, all I'll have to do up there is clean both bathrooms, and then vacuum all the floors.

The hubby got quite a bit done outside today too. He got all the holly bushes moved around to the sides of the house, and all the azaleas we had bought planted. I guess when he transplanted the hollies, he took up some sod that was beside the house, because I saw him putting some down in the back yard. If it will take root, that will be perfect because the back yard has some bald patches right now. I did notice that the sod in the front yard is starting to look green now. It was pretty brown about a week ago. He also got the mailbox changed. The new one looks so much better than the flimsy one that was up there. And the shrubs look so nice! He did such a great job out there, and I can't wait until the azaleas grow and really start to bloom. We got Encore Azaleas, and apparently they're supposed to bloom all the way through fall. I hope so...we'll see.

One thing that I had hoped we'd get around to getting done today is getting A's wallpaper border put up. But since we got there later than we originally planned, we didn't quite get around to it. Hopefully that won't take too long, though. Maybe if the hubby gets home early enough from work tomorrow we can get it done tomorrow evening...I really don't want to attempt that one by myself.

So that's the progress we've made so far. I decided today that we need to get moved out of this rental ASAP before it burns down. The electrical wiring in this house is definitely not up to par, and I was reminded of that this morning. We were getting ready to leave and I walked into the bathroom to brush my hair. When I reached to flip the switch to turn the light on, I heard a loud pop and sparks flew from the light fixture. I yelled and Paul came to see what was going on. When I heard the pop, one of the light bulbs had actually been blown from the socket and was hanging by one wire. So now the metal part of the bulb is (I think) still in the fixture and the rest of the bulb is gone. Craziness! I'm just glad we're moving.