Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well, it's official...we're new homeowners!

How exciting! I wanna move in NOW!

I still can't believe it's really ours. We met at the attorney's office this morning at 9:30. It took us about an hour to go through and review and sign all the paperwork. And that was it. After that we went over to Home Depot to find a mailbox and to look at some lighting for the outside. We want to put a flag pole up in the front yard, and we want solar spotlights on it because I'm terrible about forgetting to turn the outside lights on in the evening and off in the morning. Home Depot actually has a set of three lights that will be perfect for around $30. We also found nice solar walkway lights and lamps to put up by the driveway. Those aren't things we'll buy right away, but eventually we will. We did find a mailbox we liked and the plate for the address.

After we left Home Depot, we went to Walmart to get the paint for the kids' rooms as we have been promising them. We grabbed the little sample cards with the colors they chose and took them to the counter to ask for the paint in those colors. The kids got to watch him mix their paint, so they thought that was pretty cool. Then we had an errand to run for the hubby's dad after lunch, and we finally went over to the new house this afternoon. It was the first time we'd been over there since we had the walk-through Monday morning, so our refrigerator had been delivered, and we could tell some of the errors that had been corrected by the builder's folks as well. We took all the packing materials out of the refrigerator and got it all set up, and we dumped the first binful of ice it had made at the builder's suggestion. Now we just need to run a couple of gallons of water through the dispenser and it should be good to go.

When we got the kids' paint, we didn't get the rollers or pans or brushes, because my mom had a bunch of that stuff over at her house. We didn't see any point in buying it when she had all that left over from when the inside of her house had been painted. So we went over there to get that stuff this evening. I also got her old sewing machine. Her machine doesn't work, but it was the table that I was most interested in. It's the kind that the machine folds down into for storage when it's not being used. I figure I can take her old machine out of there and replace it with mine. That way I'll have a place to sew - maybe I'll be more motivated to do so if I don't have to take the machine and everything out every time I want to do something. But I digress. I figure we'll probably get the kids' rooms painted tomorrow and we'll start getting stuff moved over. The phone and internet were connected today. When we got to the house this afternoon, there was already a mailbox up, although I think we're still going to use the one we bought because the one up there is pretty flimsy. I had a notice in the mailbox from Embarq saying they had been over there and we had service. Cool!

So we own our very own home for the very first time. It feels great. I know it will feel even better once we're living there.