Thursday, March 29, 2007

Goofy Kids

My son came downstairs a little while ago.

"Mommy, I wrecked a BUS!"

Monday they went to school with my Mother-in-law. She's the librarian at her school, and they were having a book fair. She spoiled them with all kinds of books and other goodies. My kids LOVE books. And if she's gonna spoil them, books are a good way to do it. She could buy them books and educational games all day long and I won't fuss. Toys, they don't need. We need to thin out the book collection and get rid of the ones they've long outgrown, but you won't hear me fussing about the kids getting books. I love that they love books, and I don't ever want to discourage that.

Anyway, the boy also got a computer game. Hot Pursuit 2 is the name of it. He's been pestering me to play it since Monday evening when they got home. I finally told them last night that if they behaved at dinner (the hubby took me out to Carrabba's for some great Italian food and good wine), I'd let them play their game. They were so good at dinner, so I went upstairs when we got home after dinner. It took me like 30 minutes to get that game installed and started up on that slow-ass computer. I remember now why I upgraded to my new laptop. That one's an old Dell laptop that we've converted into the kids' computer. So he was playing his game tonight and I guess as he was racing along, he ran a bus off the road. It just cracked me up how excited he was about it. He is so funny. Then he was telling me that because of the bus, the cops busted him. Where does he hear these things?