Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oh My!

I've been meaning to create a ticker to count down our days till we close on our house. I finally got around to doing it today. Only 11 days already? I can't believe we're that close.

I get more excited every time we go over there. My mother-in-law called us today and asked if we wanted to go to lunch with them...they were coming to Fayetteville. Since they were down here in our neck of the woods, I called our agent and asked if she would be able to meet us over there so we could show the MIL the house. Today was the first time that I've been over there and haven't found anything new that I hadn't noticed before. I got all excited when we went over Wednesday with my father-in-law because we could tell they had tested the jets in the tub in the master bathroom. There was still water in the bottom of the tub, and the side panel had been placed. They had also installed the shower door on the separate shower in there. There are now just a few details that have to be completed, like the mirrors in the bathrooms. We have our walk-through with the builder on the 26th. The hubby has been making a list of things we've noticed when we've gone over there so he can address them with the builder during our walk-through. There's nothing major, but definitely things that need to be taken care of.

I just can't believe how time has gotten away from me. The next 10 days are going to be busy, too. The kids are out of school for three weeks, and our property manager is coming to do an inspection on our rental on Wednesday. So I'm trying to get most of my spring cleaning done before then. Not to mention the fun I get to have with my niece on Thursdays and Fridays!