Thursday, May 3, 2007

Weird Connection

Something kind of weird happened to me tonight.

I called my friend Cathy. I had been thinking about her all week, especially today, so knew that I needed to call her today.

We had been talking for a little bit when she said, "I'm officially 30." Damn! I didn't forget about her birthday, but that wasn't the REASON I was calling her, if that makes sense. I've always had a kind of weird connection with her. I can feel when she needs something or if something's going on with her, and my calls tend to correspond with things like that. Her husband asked me one day..."what made you call?" I can't explain's just one of those things. She and I are almost as close as I am to my sister, and that's pretty close. My sister and I have always had a weird connection, too. There are so many stories I could share about that, but that will have to wait until another day.

So, Happy Birthday, Cathy! As a good friend of mine told me almost four years ago now, you're joining the "cool decade." My thirties have been great up to this point, and I hope you enjoy your thirties as much as I'm enjoying mine. Love you, Honey!