Thursday, May 3, 2007

Weeping Radish Update

I checked out their website more closely, and I'm thinkin' I won't be ordering beer from them after all.

Their beer is expensive! I'm talking an average of $55 for a case of twelve 16-ounce bottles. Yeah, I don't think so! While we were at the Outer Banks, our waitress one night told us that they had stopped carrying the Weeping Radish beers because they were too expensive. Yeah, I guess so. We bought two of the "Biker Boch" beers, mostly to have the bottles as a souvenir, and didn't think a whole lot about the price at the time. After checking out the website, I remembered how much we paid - I'm pretty sure it was $5 a bottle. We didn't really think about it at the time since we only bought two, but since we talked about it yesterday, we realized how ridiculous it was. Craziness!

Yeah, the beer was good, but it wasn't THAT good. Especially since we lived in Germany so long and know what good beer costs over there. I could get a damn RACK of twenty half-liter bottles there for between 10 and 15 Euros, depending on the beer. Depending on the exchange rate, that's about $15-20 for a rack of 20! Close to HALF what they're charging at the Weeping Radish. Highway robbery, I tell ya!

The beer at the Mash House in Fayetteville is really good, too. So I'm thinking we'll be getting beer there. We need to go over there and get some anyway. You can get kegs there, and they also have 64-ounce "growlers." They have seasonal beers too, and their autumn one was really good. Their current seasonal beers are dark beers. I LOVE dark beers, since a friend of mine in Germany, Maria, got me hooked on the Koenig Ludwig Dunkel. Yummy!

Oh, and the prices at the Weeping Radish don't include shipping, and tax is added too. Don't ya know they're making a damn killing out there?