Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something Neat - Little Brainteaser

My husband had a meeting today with a gentleman who is a civilian aide for the Secretary of the Army. I guess he was discussing some Recruiting issues and problems he's been having. He was telling me about this meeting, and trying to explain to me what this man does. See, he lives and works full time around here. So I was trying to figure out how the aide to the Secretary of the Army has the time to have a full time job. I guess the Secretary has an aide in like each state or something. Some of the issues my husband was having were taken care of right then by a phone call from this gentleman. So that was nice for him.

Anyway, the hubby got a coin from the gentleman before he left. Those of you who are at all familiar with the military know the honor of getting a coin and the significance of them. I still have a coin, though, that trumps all of his...I got one from the Chief of Staff of the Army in 2004, GEN Schoomaker.

The hubby showed me the coin when we were at lunch. I looked at it, then turned it over and looked at the back. There was an American flag in the center of it, with his name at the bottom. across the top was a series of letters that made no sense to me at first. So I asked him what it was, and he said it was a challenge. So I looked at it and figured it out pretty quickly, actually. I think he told the hubby that the record to that point was two days. So the hubby was determined to beat that. I think it took the hubs about 45 minutes to figure it out. So he was feeling pretty good about that. Well, it took me about half a minute. So then he said he was feeling pretty stupid. No need for that...I'm really good at word games. So I'm putting the puzzle below. Can you figure out what it is?