Thursday, January 25, 2007


So the husband left this morning on a TDY trip. I've felt so far removed from the "Real Army" ever since we've been here. While I miss the hubby when he's gone, I look forward to these brief, infrequent absences. Most of my Military Spouse friends know what I'm talking about. We live with so many deployments, TDY trips, time in the field, etc., that we learn to live with them being gone quite a bit. Then there comes a time when we have an assignment where they're home most of the time. We start getting on each other's nerves.

He's only going to Raleigh, which is easily within commuting distance, but his Commander wants them all to stay up there all three days. He'll be back sometime Saturday afternoon, and really the worst part is that he'll miss J.'s basketball game. Plus, it's a "processing Saturday" so he said not to count on his getting home too early. So even if he didn't have to go TDY, he'd probably be working on Saturday anyway.

So the kids and I will have a quiet night here at home. I won't have to cook...maybe we'll go get McD's or something.