Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great Day

We had a wonderful day today. I have to say that although I absolutely love babies, and my kids were wonderful, adorable babies, I just love the age they're at now. We're able to do things with them that we couldn't do when they were younger. This was just one of those days when we were all able to enjoy spending time together.

We tried to sleep in this morning. The kids haven't quite learned to be quiet in the mornings on the weekend so Mommy and Daddy can get a little extra rest. They got a bit rowdy, but we got them calmed down and dozed back off. Well, I'll be darned if the doorbell didn't ring and wake us back up. P. got up and went to the door and there was a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses there. Nothing against them right now, but they ruined our Saturday morning sleeping in plan. Gotta get one of those "No Solicitors" signs for the door.

So we got up and had breakfast. Today was my "official" weigh-in day for my Weight Watchers plan. I lost four pounds this week. I know that 1 to 2 pounds is the safest rate for weight loss, but since this was my first week officially following the Weight Watchers plan, I'm naturally going to lose a little bit more...water weight! J. had a basketball game again today, so after breakfast we all got ready and took off for that. My mom and her boyfriend were able to come again today.

We went to the basketball game and J.'s team won this week. He really played a good game. I can tell such a difference in this week as opposed to last week. He's really learning the game and what position he's supposed to be in. He's learning the difference in offense and defense too. He actually fouled a kid going for the ball today. I was so proud! Not that he fouled the kid, but that he's finally starting to get a little bit aggressive. Our biggest issue with him in soccer was always that he would never try to get the ball. He always waited for someobody to "let him" have it. He's finally learning that it doesn't work that way and he has to go after it. That's a really big step for my kind-hearted little boy.

After the ball game, we came home and had him change clothes. He needed to put blue jeans and his boots on for what we had planned for the rest of the day! So he changed clothes and P. put his boots on, we put our jackets on and took the bikes out. We had made arrangements to meet my mom and her boyfriend at a little family-owned Italian restaurant in our town, so we met there and had lunch. Then after lunch, we took off to my sister's house to visit with her and the baby for a little while. We would have visited with her hubby, too, but he had to go help round up some cattle that I guess had gotten loose. I just can't get over how big my niece has gotten and how much she's interacting now. She's about 2 1/2 months old and is smiling, trying to laugh, and trying to imitate what she sees people do. She's getting to the age where she's really starting to be fun. She has the sweetest little smile and is a really happy baby.

After we spent some time with them, we got back on the bikes and headed home. We wanted to leave in enough time to get home before it got dark and cold, and just made it. We loaded the truck up with a treadmill we had that we never used and my mom's boyfriend's lawnmower to take over to their house. P.'s grill has been over there for several months and we intended to pick it up when we dropped those things off. We got there and visited a bit after we dropped the treadmill and lawnmower off, and completely forgot about the grill. DUH! They ordered a couple of pizzas, picked them up, and brought them over to the house with some beer, and we all had dinner. We had a really nice time. I love getting to spend time with my family. That's the best thing about being stationed here. Yes, I know that pizza and beer aren't great for Weight Watchers, but I'll be back on plan tomorrow.

Hopefully the weather will be nice again tomorrow so we can ride some more. Next time I post I'll have to tell you about A. on the back of the motorcycle.