Wednesday, January 3, 2007


I mentioned in a previous post that my son is playing basketball this year. He started to develop an interest while we were in Germany and he went to SAS (School Age Services) after school until I got off work. He actually shoots quite well. He's never played an organized game before, but with as well as he shoots the ball, P. and I wanted him to give it a shot this year. I've never pushed it before, but since we missed soccer and we wanted him to play a sport, we very strongly encouraged it this time around, and he agreed.

He finally made it to his first practice tonight. His team has had a few practices already, but since he was quite sick for a couple of weeks, he hasn't been able to go. P. took him to practice tonight since I'm trying to catch up on my reading for my history class I'm in right now. I have a final due on Monday, plus study questions to answer before Friday, and I didn't get a chance to catch up over the two week holiday break we had like I had planned. I'm glad P. took him, though. The coach asked him to help out during the practice, and I think he enjoyed it. Good Daddy-Son time there. He said J. did really well, too, especially considering the fact that it was his first practice. There are some things he wants to work with him on, such as defense and following-through after he shoots the ball. Most of what he wants to work with J. on are things that the other kids need to practice as well. Hey, they're only 7-8 year-olds!

P. picked up J.'s uniform the other night. I was pretty disappointed, because the wrong size shirts were ordered. The shorts were ordered in youth sizes, but the shirts were ordered in adult sizes. So he ended up with an adult size large shirt. Hello!! He quite literally swims in the thing. I was kind of ticked considering the fact that we paid almost $40 for these uniforms. P. pulled out his sewing kit and took in the shoulders and the sides. I sure am glad one of us can sew! So now it's not quite as bad. They had pictures done last night and J. was the only one with a uniform shirt that didn't have the neck coming halfway down his chest. LOL...poor kiddos! The other teams' uniforms fit, though, so it was definitely a mistake on the part of the person who ordered for our team. Oh could always be worse.

His first game is Saturday morning. I'll try to remember to take pictures so I can share them. He looks awfully cute in his's red and is a good color on him. :-)