Monday, January 15, 2007

My Thoughts on 24

A friend of mine, Marc, is also a big fan of 24. He's posted a synopsis of both parts of the Season Premier that aired last night and tonight. I won't repeat that here. But I will share with you my thoughts on the season so far, which I posted as a comment on his blog. Keep in mind - this will be the first season since the show first aired that I'll actually have to wait and watch each episode when it airs every week, unless if course I were to just not watch it at all and wait until it comes out on DVD. Let me tell ya - that's not gonna happen!!

Ugh! A whole week! I have to say that one advantage to watching in Germany was that I could usually get the season on DVD long before AFN even got halfway through the season. That way I was able to watch as much as I wanted (or could depending on time) without having to wait a week between episodes. This is gonna kill me!

Anyway, one thing that I’m already finding fascinating is the internal struggle Jack’s dealing with this season. I think it’s going to be interesting to watch how that plays out throughout the day. After all, the man has dealt with and lost so much from the very beginning of the Series. When will it get to be too much?

Anyone else a fan of this show? What do you think?