Monday, January 15, 2007


The hubby and I got hooked on this show while we were in Germany. Well, I got hooked on it while he was in Iraq. I bought all of the seasons that were out on DVD while he was deployed for my sleepless nights. Not exactly the best thing to watch during that time, but oh well. Then when he got home, I watched all of them again with him so he could get caught up. I thought I had all the seasons on DVD, but it turns out I'm missing Season 5. We missed part of it because AFN was in the middle of playing it when we left Germany, and of course it was already over in the States when we got here. I'll have to get that season on DVD ASAP so I can get all caught up.

Anyway, so the hubby and I are sitting here watching the second part of the Season 6 Premier. Already looks like this season is going to keep me on my toes. I just love watching things like this with him though. There was a scene where a guy blew up a warehouse of weapons with a grenade. I hear the husband say, "bullshit!" What do you mean? "A grenade won't make C4 explode," he says. How did he know it was C4? I don't know. I sure didn't pick up on that.

Does he have to nitpick everything?