Tuesday, June 12, 2007


As I was unpacking and organizing things last week, I came across one of my USB drives where I have lots of pictures stored. I didn't remember what all I had on the drive, but I knew most of them were from Germany. I started scanning through the folders, and pulled up some of the pictures, and did a double-take a few times when I opened them.

See, for about three years while we were in Germany, I colored my hair. I had been highlighting it for years, and gradually adding more and more blonde each time. So I finally said to heck with it...let's just color it blonde altogether and get it over with. After all, it was much less time-consuming, and less expensive as well. And I really loved it at the time.

Before we left Germany, I made the decision to return to my natural color. That was over a year ago now. I look back at those pictures when I was a blonde, and realize that it really didn't look as good as I thought it did at the time. Haha! So I don't think I'll be doing that again, although I might decide to start highlighting some again once I give my hair a break for a while longer. After all, I have a lot of gray in my hair these days. Who knows...I might just let it go. The hubby kind of likes the gray.

Anyway, a lot of the pictures on that drive are from our Spring Break trip to Italy in 2006, the last year we were there, and about a month and a half before we moved back to the States. That was an awesome week! I was talking with Mel tonight and shared some of the pictures with her. I told her how I had originally planned on blogging about that trip in retrospect this past April, but time got away from me with the moving and everything. I just thought it might be fun to revisit the trip on the one-year anniversary. She urged me to go ahead and blog it anyway...might help get my mind off other things. She's probably right. Maybe I'll make the time to start on that within the next few days.

It also reminded me how much catching up I have to do on my scrapbooks. I haven't even really gotten started good, and I'm way behind. How is that? I just have so many good memories from our time in Europe...I want to be sure I capture them before I forget them.