Wednesday, June 6, 2007


63 years ago today.

The kids and I visited Normandy twice while we were in Europe. The hubby went once, which was the second time the kids and I went.

It was amazing being there. The first time the kids and I went was Memorial Day Weekend 2004, the weekend before the 60th Anniversary. Walking the beaches was powerful, as was walking through the Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach. On our first visit, we were with an organized tour group. The weather was beautiful most of the weekend, but the day we visited the beaches and the cemetery, it was gray and rainy. Seemed appropriate.

I was amazed at how it affected the kids, too, especially the boy. He still talks about it to this day, and all the soldiers who died there. For a 6 year-old (at the time), he was incredibly somber and respectful.

Never forget.