Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Sunday was P. and my annivesary. We've been married 12 years. Sometimes I can't believe it's been that long, but sometimes it seems like a lot longer! ROTFL's been a great twelve years, and I look forward to the next twelve ahead. Since our anniversary fell on Sunday and his folks had the kids on Saturday we decided to have our time together that day. The weather was perfect, so we went out on the bikes. We rode for a while and did a little window shopping. We went to lunch (late lunch/early supper), and rode some more. Although the weather was beautiful, the days are still fairly short and it was getting chilly when we came home. He got me a really cute pair of earrings. They're the Harley-Davidson bar & shield with a teeny topaz stone which just happens to be just about the same color as my bike. Yes, I know I've been asked for a picture of me on it but I never think to take a picture when we go out to ride. I got him a new helmet (they call it a "skid lid"), which is what he asked for. I don't like it because I don't think it provides enough protection, but he has a peanut head and it's what he wanted, so it's what he got.

P. and the kids have been sick all week. I guess it's a touch of the flu or something. I think the kids picked it up from the in-laws since they've been up there so much over the last few weeks. P.'s mom and sister were both sick a couple of weeks ago. It's interesting how it hits everybody differently. The kids are all congested in the head and chest. P.'s problem is all in his stomach. I told all of them they can stay away from me. I feel so bad for my babies though. Nobody should have to spend their Christmas vacation being sick. P.'s on leave, so I guess I kind of feel bad for him too.

On the job situation...I had an interview today. I can't make a judgment on how it went. They pretty much had a form with standard questions they were asking. If anything hurts me, it will be the fact that my strengths are in outpatient coding and this is an inpatient coding position. If it's meant to be, I'll get it, and I know that. Regardless what happens with this position, though, I think I've made the decision to quit my current job after P. gets promoted. I decided that I'm really too young to be working this hard and having nothing to show for it. And my kids are too young for me to be working the hours I'm working. It breaks my heart to have to tell them that I have to work when they want to do fun things. It's just not worth it. I think the kicker was about 4:00 this morning when I was finishing up a particular project after working all night. I'm done.

So wish me luck that the panel was impressed enough by my interview today to choose me for the position. I hope my Executive Order preference (meaning that I held a job overseas while there with my sponsor and therefore have preference since I've returned to the States) helps me out. I don't expect to be hired on preference alone. I firmly believe that preference should be considered AFTER qualifications. If someone is better qualified than I am, then they should definitely hire that person. But if I am equally qualified as another person and my preference bumps me up, then I won't feel guilty about that either.

That's about all that's going on in our household right now. Hopefully things will start to look up.