Saturday, December 23, 2006


I never dreamed that something so seemingly simple as a "toy video camera" would be so elusive!

I've been looking everywhere I could think of for this thing that my 6 year-old daughter asked Santa for, and haven't been able to find it. Tonight I decided to go to Toys 'R Us, which I have been avoiding. But I figured at this point I didn't really have a choice. So I got there, looked around the store, and finally asked someone. She told me that if they had anything like that it would be with their "Chat Now" products, which are in the electronics section. What? Why would a TOY video camera be in the electronics section? Well, I walked over there anyway, and found nothing. I went over to the mall because there used to be a Kaybee Toy Store there, but it's gone now. It's probably been gone for a while, but then, so have I.

So I come back to Hope Mills to check the Walmart one more time. Instead of wasting a lot of time searching the toy department, I decided to go ahead and ask somebody right away. The lady I asked took me over to where the toy video camera I asked for should be. But they were out. There were toy digital cameras (according to her, but they are actually functional) but no video cameras. I looked down and saw part of what looked like a little pink video camera. Could it be? So I grabbed it, and it's actually a Barbie book that also comes with a video camera and little discs that she can use to project images onto her wall. I decided that would probably be something A. would really enjoy. She would enjoy being able to project images, and she can also pretend to make video. The lady helping me asked me "but does it record?" I told her that it doesn't have to record. A. just wanted something she can play pretend with.

I'm just so glad I finally found that darn toy video camera. A. really has her heart set on it and has asked Santa for it twice. Finally something has worked out.