Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fed Up

I swear if I could afford to, I'd just quit my job right now. I wrote almost three months ago about my frustration with my job situation. Well, things haven't gotten any better. I'm having to work practically constantly to make the same amount of money I was making in Germany, and I'm supposed to be making more. Plus the no benefits issue. This means, of course, that I don't have the time that I'd like to have to spend with my family and doing the things I'd like to do.

The worst thing is that they're asking us to work even more now. We're each supposed to audit a minimum of 400 records a week, more if possible. Since I go to the hospital for about 5 hours a day to do other things, I usually have a goal of auditing 50 a day when I get home. Even that means I'm working more than 8 hours a day. The computer system we use to do our auditing is so slow that it takes seemingly forever to pull up a single record. Then with the data entry and saving the records, it takes longer. And forget it if there's any kind of error. Then it takes twice as long. So just to do my minimum goal, I usually work quite late at night. I'm exhausted and it really caught up with me this evening. I'm going to end up making myself sick from exhaustion, and it's just not worth it. I'm seriously considering quitting after the first of the year, maybe after P. gets promoted. We still don't know for sure yet when that's going to be...we're waiting for his sequence number to come up. We're both figuring it will probably be February.

I did apply for two GS jobs on post. I found out this week that I have been referred for one of them, but haven't heard about the other one yet. Although it would probably mean a cut in pay, I'll get all my benefits back, plus I'll have a set schedule. That outweighs net pay any day. The hiring process with the GS system can just take so long sometimes, so I don't know when I'll know anything for sure. Hopefully I'll at least get called for an interview pretty soon.

Oh well...enough complaining. Back to work...