Saturday, December 23, 2006


I have been reminded over the last few days just how much we're still trying to adjust to being back in the States. We're trying to finish getting ready for Christmas, but it's amazing how different it is here. The biggest difference? Finances. I've already blogged a couple of times about my job frustrations. I haven't talked about the other cut we've taken. I had always heard that you could really make money overseas, but didn't really realize how true it was until we came home. I know that's not the most important thing, but it's an adjustment we're still having to make. Hopefully P.'s promotion will come soon and alleviate some of that. And I also hope that my job interview on Wednesday went well. It would be nice to have another job to move to instead of quitting altogether. Regardless, though, I definitely think I'm finished with this company. It's ridiculous.

So both the kids asked for helmets so they could ride with us when we go out on the motorcycles. That will be really nice for us, too, since we'll no longer have to worry about waiting till somebody has the kids before we can go riding. P. does need a sissy bar for his bike, but that's not a very difficult thing to get.

So...the reason for my frustration? The kids' Christmas presents are taken care of. I have made arrangements with Santa so that he'll bring their helmets. He's had trouble finding the toy video camera that A. asked for, but I have a couple more places to go this weekend to try to help him out. J. asked for a little work desk for his room to do his homework. Santa won't be giving him that because he knows that Nana and Papa have already taken care of that. They're getting plenty of other stuff, but my plans for their leather jackets for riding with us have not worked out. That's what my mother-in-law wanted to get them, and we found some nice ones that were priced reasonably. However, I found out today that they're on backorder probably until after the New Year. I guess I'll give them an IOU.

None of my plans for P. have worked out like I planned either. He wanted a different (louder) set of pipes for his bike. I ordered them through a friend who does customization and other work on motorcycles. He's had them now since the beginning of December. We've been trying to wait until as close to Christmas as possible to put them on. Unfortunately, he had a family emergency...his wife was in a bad car accident. So he's out of town so he can be by her side while she needs him. I just pray that she recovers soon.

I also ordered a jacket that he's been wanting. It's on hold at a local shop. Unfortunately, I can't get it for him by Christmas like I had planned. I know he'll understand but I'm still really frustrated.

Yesterday we were out finishing up some Christmas shopping for our extended family. I also had a hair appointment, and decided that it was time for a real change. I had my hair cut quite a bit shorter than it has been for a long time. Hopefully we'll get some decent pictures this weekend and I can share a couple. Tomorrow we're spending the afternoon and evening with my family and will be celebrating Christmas with them then. Monday we're spending the day with P.'s family. His brother and sister-in-law will be there that day, and are leaving the next day to visit her family in NY.

Despite the frustrations of the last couple of days I think we'll have a great Christmas. I'll try to plan better for next year (I say that every year)...