Monday, December 4, 2006

New Ornament

I know I wrote a post back in July about the group of women I've been corresponding mostly online with for several years. I have met several of them in person, and we had a Girls' Weekend in Nashville the end of July.

We have become really close over the years, and usually send each other Christmas cards every year. Sometimes we do a Secret Santa exchange. This year we participated in an ornament exchange. Those of us who wanted to participate signed up, one of the ladies was responsible for assigning us our secret pal, and then we're responsible for making sure our pal gets her ornament. My ornament came today.

I got home right before the kids did, so was opening the box right after they came in the house. When I opened the shipping box, there was a wrapped package in there. The kids had already gone downstairs. When I unwrapped the package, I guess I must have squealed before I started laughing. The kids came running downstairs to see what the excitement was about. My ornament pal had found the perfect Christmas ornament for me.

Isn't he cute? Before I got it out of the box, J. noticed it said "Try Me" and had a button. I pushed the button and he sings "Born to be Wild" with the sound of the engine revving. I absolutely love it!