Thursday, December 7, 2006


My brother has been in town for the last few days. This has been the first time I've seen him in over four years, so it was nice. The last time we were all together was when my "baby" sister (the one who just had the baby) got married back in 2002. I can't believe it's been so long.

He arrived Sunday evening, and my mom and her boyfriend picked him up from the airport. I think after he arrived, they got some dinner, and then came over to visit with us for a little while. I was glad they came over because the kids were anxious to see him (although they were kind of shy around him since it had been so long) and with my work schedule (or should I say lack thereof since I work pretty much constantly), I didn't know when I'd be able to visit with him again on this trip since he only planned to be here for four days. We had already eaten supper, and I warmed up some Gluhwein that we brought home from Germany to share. Everybody got to try a little bit. I really wish I'd brought more. Maybe I can find some at the Class Six on post.

My mom called me yesterday because my brother wanted to get together with everybody for dinner. I figured P. wouldn't be able to join us because his Battalion Commander and Command Sergeant Major are here this week, so he's working even later than usual. But I told her that the kids and I would plan to be there, regardless. We got together tonight at my sister's tonight for dinner. My mom fixed two pot roasts, and they had pinto beans, turnip greens, corn, and cornbread. She really outdid herself. I was right...P wasn't able to join us, but I brought him some leftovers. We had a nice evening, and Rob took a family picture that I will share as soon as I get a copy of it (HINT, HINT...I know he reads my blog). It was nice to have the family together again. The last time, when my sister got married, was before my dad died. Even though my mom has a great guy that makes her happy, I did miss having my dad with us.