Monday, December 11, 2006

New Photos

We've been needing to have family photos done for a while. The last time we had any made was three years ago when we were home for Christmas. That year we went over to Walmart and had some made. They were the best ones we'd had done in a while. We had some done a couple of times while we were in Germany, but I was never happy with them and they were really way too expensive.

P.'s mom wanted us all to get together to have picture of the whole family made. We had done that one year when they came to visit us in Texas for Christmas. It had been my daughter's first Christmas, and they came out really good. We just hadn't had the whole family on that side together in a while. She decided to just use their digital cameras and take some casual pictures there at the church. We got some that were really quite good.

Here are the four of us. I'm happy because we actually got some while P. was smiling. Getting him to smile for pictures isn't always easy.

Now just the two of us...
Just the ladies. P.'s sister, his brother's wife, me, his mom, with A. in front. I'm actually quite happy with the way this one came out. I like the angle and the Black/White effect.

Just the guys. His brother, his dad holding J., and P.

Here's one with the whole family.

I'm glad we had these done. Now I'll have pictures to send with Christmas cards!