Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weight Loss

So yet again I've decided to renew my weight loss attempts. I'm tired of being overweight, and I finally decided that I'm gonna do something about it. I'm pretty determined right now, and motivated. I just hope I can keep up my motivation.

I've had a gym membership since shortly after we moved here. It's mostly been a waste of money, though, because I haven't used it much. I made up my mind two weeks ago to stop wasting that money, and to use that gym membership. Yes, I have equipment to work out here at home, but working out in a gym or in a group motivates me much more than working out here at home. So I'm now into my third week of working out five days a week. I'm starting to see some subtle differences. Nothing significant yet, but hopefully that will come soon.

I also started Weight Watchers again. I've noticed that I always have the most success with the WW plan, as long as I follow the plan and pay attention to everything I eat. I have to be really strict with myself, and the hubby makes fun of me, but it works. At this point, I'm just doing the online version. My first weigh-in will be Friday. I just might have to put a ticker up on here or something to keep me honest.

I hope to lose weight and be in pretty good shape in time for this spring and summer riding season. I figure I'm well on my way!