Thursday, February 21, 2008


The kids crack me up sometimes.

I set up a little computer desk for them here in our family room. That way they can have access to the computer and I can easily keep an eye on what they're doing. I have a rule, though. Before they can go to any websites that are strictly for fun, they have to do "Study Island" through their school website and practice their math. Study Island has a game setting, though, so they can still have fun while they're practicing.

After they played on Study Island for a while, the boy asked if they could play on Cartoon Network's site. Told him sure, no problem. But they have to take turns...he plays a game, then when his is over, she plays one. Well, she just finished a game, and was arguing with him that it wasn't his turn yet because his game lasted longer than hers did. Guess she got "game over" before she made it to the next level. I told her that they needed to switch after each game, and she gave HIM a dirty look, which of course prompted him to say "why are you looking mean at ME?" So I reminded them that if they were going to fight over the computer, they were going to be through playing for the night. Promptly put an end to the fussing.

And now the princess is happily knitting.