Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I hope everybody has had a great Halloween! We've had a pretty good one here. I took the kids out T-or-T'ing and P. stayed home and handed out candy. The kids and I had a pretty interesting adventure, and I'll share some of it with you.

First of all, the hours for Trick-or-Treating in our town were from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. That irritated me to begin with. My kids' bedtime is 8:00 p.m., and it's a school night, for crying out loud! I know not all parents set their children's bedtimes as early as I do, but I'm sure my kids aren't the only ones who go to bed that early.

Once I got over my irritation about the hours, the kids and I set out around the neighborhood. We headed up one street and I gave the kids instructions to go only to houses with porch lights on or other lights on that showed they were participating in Halloween. About the third or fourth house was decorated very spooky. The porch light wasn't on, but there were other Halloween lights on, and other decorations. J. wouldn't go past the curb, but A. was determined to go to the house as long as I went with her. So she and I walked up to the porch while J. watched. We got up the stairs and noticed there was a pedestal with a bowl of candy on it that said "enter at own risk." There was a sitting on a bench next to the candy, and I figured the coast was clear. I told A. she could get one piece of candy out of the bowl. Right as she reached for the bowl, a guy dressed as the Grim Reaper (or something equally scary...I don't even remember) jumped out of the shadows on the other side of the porch. A. screamed and latched on to me, I screamed! She started crying so hard. I think the Grim Reaper guy felt really bad. He told her he was really a nice guy in real life, and that he was impressed with what a brave princess she was when her brother wouldn't even come up to the house. He told her she could have three pieces of candy from the bowl since she was so brave. So, continuing to cry, she dug through the bowl and got the three best pieces she could find. She was still crying for about two more houses, and told everybody she saw about the "scary haunted house."

Several houses on up the road, my kids went to the door, and there were two other kids up there at the same time. The couple gave them all their candy and the kids turned to leave. Right as all the kids started down the stairs, I hear them say "Darth Vader and Princess (my kids' costumes), come back. You've won a special prize." I'm down at the street. Naturally, I'm thinking the worst. Uh-oh, these sickos are going to lure my kids back to the door with extra treats and snatch them and I'll never see them again. Believe me, I was up at the porch before my kids got back to the door. Well, the nice couple gave J. a Star Wars toy, and A. a Barbie figurine stamper. I almost felt bad for the thoughts that ran through my head, but not quite. I figure one can never be too careful in this day and age. But the kids were tickled with their "special prize."

By the time we got back around to the house after circling the block once, the kids decided their buckets were full enough and they were ready to go home. That was fine by me. Their buckets were really full. And I know they were ready to play with their toys. So we came home, had dinner, and they helped me pass out candy for a little bit. Then my mom's boyfriend came over with a couple of buckets they had made for the kids. They were excited to see him and get their treats from him, too.

All in all, we had a nice night. The kids also got to see their new little cousin today after school, so they were excited about that too. She is so little, especially when I remember how big my kids were when they were born. The kids were fascinated with her, though, and couldn't stop looking at her. They can't wait till she gets home and they get to hold her.

Happy Halloween. Here's a pictures of the kids in their costumes: