Monday, October 23, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

This show cracks me up! My husband likes to watch Heroes on Monday nights, and it just so happens that Deal or No Deal comes on the same channel right before Heroes. So I've started watching Deal or No Deal. P. complains about it because it's stupid in his opinion, but I tell him to deal with it because I don't like all the things he likes to watch on TV. What is it about this show that makes us yell at the TV knowing they can't hear us? Tonight's contestant killed me. She was doing really well too and got an offer of $267,000 or something like that. Then she opened the million dollar case and her offer went down to like $103,000. Next round she opened a case with a low amount and got an offer of $185,000. She decided to take the deal.

The thing that kills me is that if she hadn't been greedy, she could have walked home with $267,000. P. and I are both sitting here yelling at her to take the deal. Her friends were telling her "No deal, no deal!" They changed their tune, though, when her offer went back up to $185,000, telling her, "that's a lot of money" blah, blah, blah.

But then I thought she should have taken the deal when she was offered 80 something thousand. I was like "take the money and run, girlfriend!" LOL!