Sunday, November 17, 2013


So we find out this weekend that apparently a set of our neighbors is leaving. To say there's no love lost between them and us would be a major understatement. The hubby told me he saw two moving vans there Friday, then we found out that they rehomed one of their dogs to somebody else in the neighborhood.

Just to give a couple of examples of why there's no love husband started one of the motorcycles in the driveway one afternoon, around 4 pm. Mind you, they also have Harleys, so the noise should really be no issue. The wife came and told my husband that she had woken the baby from its nap. I don't mean to sound bitchy, but we're not friends so have no idea what the baby's schedule is like. Plus, it was at 4 in the afternoon, not at some unreasonable hour. I'm sorry, but my life doesn't revolve around you and your baby's schedule. I never would have done that when my kids were babies. She has also, from my conversations with other neighbors, grabbed another man's arm as he rode by their house...on his MOTORCYCLE!! So incredibly dangerous!

At this point, I hope they really are moving out, and I really hope we get good neighbors to replace them. Maybe they'll like Scentsy!