Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mind Your own Business!

I find myself saying this over and over and over to the boy child. That and worry about yourself...not everybody else. He thinks he has to have his nose in every aspect of everything that is going on around here. The girl child has been sick and we finally convinced her this morning that she needed to eat something or else she wasn't going to feel any better. So when she came back to the couch from the kitchen table, I asked if she had eaten some breakfast. Before she even had a chance to answer me, boy child decides to take it upon himself to answer for her. I reminded him, sternly, that I was NOT talking to him and his sister could answer for herself.

Then I was reading something funny from my favorite blog to my husband, and the boy made comments about who he thought I was talking about. Again...mind your own business. I was NOT talking to you. Kids!