Sunday, November 26, 2006

Relaxing Sunday

We had a great day today. The kids spent Saturday night with P.'s parents. He dropped them off with them yesterday when he went up to help his dad with a couple of things. We enjoyed a nice dinner out last night and then had a relaxing evening here at home.

This morning we had the chance to sleep late. It's rare for both of us to be able to sleep in. Usually at least one of us has to get up with the kids. So we really appreciated the opportunity today. Then we got up, took our time having our coffee and getting ready, and then went out on the bikes. We rode up to Smithfield, which is where the dealership where we bought my bike is located, and did a little window shopping there. I got irritated because there's a limited edition leather jacket that I really would like to have for Christmas, and they didn't have it in my size. The owner was really nice, though, and found a couple of dealers that do. Maybe I'll be able to get it after all. I got to try on a couple of other things, though, so was able to give P. some ideas of what to get me. Plus we visited the salesman who sold me the bike. He apparently saw us ride up and met us outside. He's a really nice guy.

We had a nice ride back, and decided to ride through the town where we went to college. As we rode into town and then rode around campus, we were both shocked at how much things have changed. There are new apartment complexes there, and new buildings all over campus. The roads have changed, because I thought I had turned down a road that went between my old dorms and the Fine Arts building, but didn't see either. Some things looked the same, though, as we saw the old infirmary on one of the corners. I told him that we'll have to go back sometime when we can take the time to walk around and really see the campus. I know we've been gone a long time, but that was just ridiculous!

We got home and had a new friend come and spend time with us. His wife is away on business, so we didn't get the chance to spend time with her. Then P.'s mom and sister brought the kids home, so we got to spend a bit of time with them before they had to go to bed. I'm so glad we're close to family for a while, because we enjoy letting the kids spend time with them about as much as they enjoy having the opportunity to spend the time with them. It gives us a chance to do things as a couple more than we've been able to for a while. We were actually discussing the possibility of extending an additional year earlier today. We'll see what happens. Definitely not going to make any decisions on that right now. But the fact that we're considering it says a lot about how far we've come in adjusting to being here.