Monday, November 13, 2006

In Memory

Two years ago today, CPT Sean Sims was killed in Fallujah, Iraq. Not only was he a soldier, a leader well-respected by those he commanded; he was also a loving husband and father, brother, son and friend.

I did not have the pleasure of knowing Sean personally, but he was a friend of my husband's. They were in the same Brigade when we were in Germany, and served together in Fallujah. I also did not have the pleasure of knowing his wife, Heidi, but feel like I have come to know her through her blog.

Although I didn't get the chance to meet Heidi, I remember seeing her when she came back to Germany for the 1ID Welcome Home Ceremony in Wuerzburg. My husband was one of several soldiers presented with a Silver Star that day. Heidi was there to accept Sean's. I remember admiring Heidi that day for her grace. I told my husband later that I didn't know whether I could be that strong in her shoes. My opinion has certainly not changed over the past several months of reading her blog. If anything, my admiration has only grown.

Heidi, if you visit my page, know that you and Colin are always in my thoughts and prayers. I know that you miss Sean terribly each and every day. I know that he watches you and Colin with great pride. I hope I get the chance to meet you one day.