Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving Again

Wow...it's been over a year since I blogged last. Dare I try to get back into the blogging groove? It was something I really enjoyed for a while...I just have moved on to doing different things. I got to thinking, though, considering the fact that I started this blog when we were in the middle of our move from Germany, it seems somewhat appropriate I would revisit it now, since we're in the process of moving again, this time to Fort Knox, Kentucky.

This move has, so far, proven to be the move from HELL...more challenging even than the moves to and from Germany. From waiting to get the hubby's orders to fighting with the transportation offices on both ends (since the office at Fort Knox didn't send our information to the one here at Bragg until just about the last possible minute), and everything that has happened in between, it's a wonder I haven't completely lost my mind.

The packing started today, and the movers have all but finished packing our downstairs here. The hubby has been sick for the last couple days, so I was on my own supervising and answering questions today. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.